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        Glycerol laurate

        Glycerol laurate

        Glycerol Monola urate, GML for short, is synthesized by direct esterification of lauric acid and Glycerol. Appearance is white or light yellow fine granular crystals.
        Molecular formula:
        glycerol laurate

        Glycerol Monola Urate is not only an excellent emulsifier, but also a safe and efficient broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. It is not limited by pH, and still has good antibacterial effect under neutral or slightly alkaline conditions. Applied to bread, pastry, steamed bread and moon cake, functional food and health care products. Applied to meat products, dairy products and fruit and vegetable products preservation, significantly extend the shelf life of food.

        Quality indicators



        Moisture (%)


        Free glycerol(%)


        Acid value(mg KOH/g)


        Lead, mg/kg


        Product packaging: packaged in woven bag, each bag is 25kg.

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